An exceptional meeting at the University of Khartoum to set study dates


The administration of the University of Khartoum announced an exceptional meeting of the University’s Deans Council, tomorrow, Thursday, to determine the dates for the resumption of studies.

Khartoum – Altraghyeer

The university explained in a press circular that the meeting will be held under the chairmanship of the university’s director, Imad Al-Din Al-Amin, to discuss arrangements related to the resumption of studies during the next stage, as well as the colleges’ plans to address the backlog of payments for previous academic years.

The statement indicated that the meeting is expected to set a decisive date for the start of the study in the various faculties of the university.

previous appointment

The University’s Deans’ Council held a similar meeting on December 1, 2021, in which it determined the resumption of studies in January 2022, according to a matrix determined by the Scientific Affairs Secretariat.

Earlier, the University of Khartoum Deans’ Council decided, in a meeting, chaired by the former University Director, Dr. Fadwa Abdel Rahman Ali Taha, and the membership of the council members, will resume studies at the university next January.

The decision indicated, according to the Department of Media and Public Relations at the University of Khartoum, that the resumption of studies will be according to a matrix announced by the Scientific Affairs Secretariat later in coordination with the various colleges and academic units.

At the time, the Deans’ Council discussed what it described as the complications accompanying the process of resuming studies in light of the new wave of the Corona pandemic on the one hand, and the political crisis in the country and its direct impact on the university and its stability on the other. In addition to the accumulation of payments and the requirements to create an appropriate environment for students.

The meeting ensured that each college would submit a detailed proposal for the resumption of study matrix, to be subject to review and approval by the Scientific Affairs Secretariat, and then issue an academic calendar to implement the resumption plan in January.

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