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Islamic leaders demand Albashir to dissolve the “failing government”
Fuel crisis raging on in Khartoum and  amid expected price hike
Demonstrations in some neighborhoods of the Sudanese capital
Massive deterioration of Sudanese pound and wide dollar scarcity
Nahid Jabrallah dedicates her award to violence survivors
Profits of Zain Company drop because of the Sudanese branch
Security authorities demand editors-in-chief fill forms containing racist queries
Cases of meningitis reported in Khartoum
Asim Omer’s sibling uncovers his brother’s deteriorating health due to torture
Bread and fuel crises escalate in Sudan: Bakeries shutdown and overcrowding in front of gas stations
Authorities announce seizure of large quantities of arms in eastern Sudan
Houthis send message to Khartoum: Sudanese soldiers are casualties
USA keeps Sudan on terrorism list and Gosh flies to Washington
Patients removed from hospitals hours before Prime Minister’s visit to Kassala
Rapid support forces create panic in Khartoum
Political indicators of the rejection of ministerial posts in Albashir’s governments
American embassy warns its nationals of acts of violence in the vicinity of Sudaniya 24
Youths, artists and companies launch initiatives to aid patients in Kassala
Company linked to Albashir’s brother implicated in Khartoum stock-market fraud
Debate between girl and cleric leads to threats to Sudanese satellite channel
Tens killed and wounded in tribal clashes in Aldindir
Daughter of top foreign affairs official returns from ISIS(Daesh)
Albashir to announce the formation of new government in a couple of days
Nora abducted at the age of 7 and reappeared married amid accusations to rapid support forces