An official calls for a rapid intervention to aid locals in East Sudan

Altaghyeer: Kassala

Two people were killed and hundreds of homes were destroyed in Kassala (600 km east of Khartoum) on Monday morning as rain and floods overwhelmed the area.

Idrees Ali Mohamed, the humanitarian aid commissioner of the state, which neighbours Eritrea, announced “an urgent call for relief for locals and inhabitants who are in need of food and shelter”, according to an audio reviewed by Altaghyeer.

Idrees  who is also an MP at the state-level legislative council, also disclosed the death of two people as a result of the floods.

A few hours after the heavy rains, a federal delegation headed by the president’s assistant and his deputy at the party arrived and visited some parts of the state. Consequently, activists on social media platforms fiercely criticized the president’s assistant and the state governor for ignoring the more critically affected areas during their visit.      

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