A bomb found on a plane held at Khartoum airport

التغيير واتساب

خدمة الـتغيير واتساب

إحصل علي اَخر التحديثات يومياً علي هاتفك

Altaghyeer: Khartoum

Sudanese security authorities held an airplane with passengers onboard at Khartoum airport arriving on Wednesday from Nyala, capital of South Darfur state.

Military sources and eyewitnesses reported from inside the aircraft that joint security forces surrounded the plane immediately after landing at Khartoum airport and started searching it.

One of the eyewitnesses said “a bomb onboard has been reported and immediately after landing a large number of security forces surrounded the plane and embarked on searching it and its passengers”, adding “all passengers were ushered into a hall and subjected to a personal search, passengers are in a state of fear and the situation is currently vague”. The witness went on saying “after an hour’s search passengers without hand luggage were allowed to leave while search went on with those who had bags and suitcases”.

Meanwhile, a security source confirmed that a grenade was reported packed in the luggage of an individual affiliated with uniformed forces, and there is an assumption that he works with rapid support forces. And he said “at first he refused to be search but was made to comply and we found a grenade with its accessories wrapped in his bag”.

Two days ago authorities at Khartoum airport searched a Turkish passenger jet after a bomb was reported. Also there were frequent incidents of gold smuggling through the airport. And the International Aviation Safety Association ranked Khartoum airport among the worst globally with regard to safety measures and insurance.

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