Alnuhud Locality commissioner satying at a hotel while the city is turned into “a ghost’s town”

Altaghyeer: Alnuhud

Floods and rain overwhelming Alnuhud city, West Kordofan forced the commissioner to take refuge at a hotel after his residence was inundated with water while locals described the situation as “a disaster that turned the city into a ghost’s town”. They city woke up for the eighth day to the bereavement without anybody lending a helping hand except for its own people.

Altaghyeer’s sources indicated the massive devastation of the city, affirming that thousands of people are currently staying at completely destructed homes for more than a week as local relief teams roam neighborhoods trying to assist with the colossal destruction using primitive tools to limited effect. Total neighborhoods were ravaged and thousands of families live in the open without tents or safe drinking water, because water sources are either buried under debris or mixed with waste from collapsed latrines in about 14 neighborhoods. Sources also reported that the governor, cabinet and the commissioner had to book a hotel and stockpile supplies in stores as locals said that there is no lack of food but the disaster turned the city into a ghost’s town.

In Abudaghal neighborhood people are still sheltered at the Tidjaniya mosque, which was partly destructed, and laundry could be noticed hanging over walls gates and trees. In Alshaighiya neighborhood all houses were demolished except for a couple which are prone to collapse, and the far end of the neighborhood is visible through the rubbles of Alnuhud Theater, the general prison, police homes and club, the elementary school and Alhilal club, while the town’s marketplace suffered a complete destruction.

Citizens criticized the government for distributing relief material instead of rescue and protection tools that could aid in retrieving household belongings buried under rubble, as they voiced their exasperation at the governor’s movements. At the same time inhabitants at   Alshaighiya neighborhood warned the commissioner about visiting their area because he didn’t attend the funeral of a dead body found next to his home and never expressed condolences. People also announced their dissatisfaction of the whole cabinet staying at a hotel while discrediting the entire administrative team and demanded any aid material be delivered by the army in the presence of the army commander saying “your people are thieves, any delivery should be through the army”.

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