Four students dead as a classroom collapses in Omdurman


Four students died and eight others were injured after a classroom collapsed at Alsiddig private school for girls at Dar Alsalam locality in Ombadda, Omdurman on Wednesday morning.

Witnesses told Altaghyeer that the students were inside the classroom and trying to walk out after hearing the call for the morning assembly but the classroom wall fell over them.

Three little girls died moments after the incident and a fourth passed away after being transferred to a hospital. Among the deceased were a second grader and a third grader.

Reasons for the collapse were unknown, but sources indicated that the classroom was recently built.

In a statement the private schools’ union blamed the incident on the ministry of education as they “issue bonus permits without verification”.

Education sector in Sudan suffers miserable conditions as the government allocates less than 3% for education, whereas 70% goes for security authorities.

Previously and out of fear for students’ safety, teachers committee in Khartoum state demanded the ministry conduct an urgent maintenance process for schools, indicating that a large number of them, especially in the peripheries don’t have rooves or walls, and some are totally besieged by water.

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