Shooting inside Nyala hospital after renewed clashes between forces of Himedti and Musa Hilal

التغيير واتساب

خدمة الـتغيير واتساب

إحصل علي اَخر التحديثات يومياً علي هاتفك

Altaghyeer: Nyala

Renewed clashes occurred between forces of Himedti and Musa Hilal, which were integrated in the rapid support forces during a disarmament operation that led the arrest of the latter

Sources of Altaghyeer reported that a member of the rapid support forces last night shot a wounded member of Musa Hilal’s forces and immediately killing him inside Nyala hospital where he had been transferred and heavily guarded by police and rapid support forces, after clashes that took place last Saturday between the two groups, resulting in four casualties among Himedti’s troops including one officer.

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