Doctors in Kassala injured in an assault by security personnel


Altaghyeer: Salih Amar

Doctors at Kassala’s hospital (East Sudan) started an open strike Sunday afternoon after being assaulted by individuals from the security and intelligence service which resulted in serious injuries sustained by a number of doctors.

And according to a statement issued by Sudan’s Doctors Central Committee “a number of co-patients accompanied by a number of security and intelligence personnel assaulted doctors working at the general surgery department at Kassala teaching hospital which led to serious injuries sustained on the head and face among a number of doctors, also the resident physician Mukashfi was detained by security”.

The incident was sparked after “co-patients complained about the delay of an appendicitis operation on their patient, for reasons beyond doctor’s control, and actually related to arrangements and preparations for anesthesia, and it is noteworthy that an appendicitis operation isn’t an emergency to a point that provokes co-patients to rush doctors and eventually assault them in a move that crosses the law, norms and ethics” according the statement.

And according to sources who talked to Altaghyeer, the detained physician was released Sunday evening, and state officials held meetings with doctors in an attempt to persuade them to lift the strike and return to work. Meanwhile, authorities made no public comment on the incident.

Authorities imposed a state of emergency over Kassala State since last year, a condition that grants security personnel a wide range of authority.  

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