Signing of a new peace agreement between Salva and Mashar on Sunday

Altaghyeer: Khartoum

The opposition coalition in South Sudan pre-empted the peace agreement signing ceremony planned on Sunday in Khartoum by rejecting the agreement.

The Sudanese government, which is mediating between the warring parties in South Sudan, announced on Friday the completion of all arrangements for the final signing of the peace agreement in the presence of Salva Kiir Mayardit, presidents from IGAD group, the Rwandese president- current president of African Union- and representatives from international organizations.

The opposition coalition said in a statement on Friday seen by Altaghyeer that mediators informed them about Juba’s rejection of their reservations on the power-sharing agreement’s draft, adding “we cannot sign the agreement in its current form, but we are ready to sign whenever our reservations are addressed by mediators”.

The opposition coalition in South Sudan is comprised of opposition parties, a group of former detainees and other armed groups. Meanwhile, Salva Kiir Mayardit, revealed his intentions to sign and endorse the agreement and to work towards its implementation, saying in a statement on Friday that the agreement’s implementation requires more time and arrangements including offices and vehicles among other things.

The agreement provides for the formation of an interim government headed by Salva Kiir, whereas the rebel’s leader occupies the first vice president’s position in addition to four other vice presidents.

Parties previously signed a framework agreement at the end of last month which stipulated a comprehensive and permanent cease fire besides the formation of a three-year interim government with the sole function of preparing the country for free and fair elections involving everybody. It is noteworthy that parties to the conflict in South Sudan signed a number of peace agreements since the civil war broke in 2013 that fell short of achieving peace in the country.


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