Local leader demands the calling of Alnuhud “a natural disaster area” by the government

Altaghyeer: Ghurashi Awad

The prominent local leader and ex-finance minister Ibrahim Muniem Mansour renewed the demands by Alnuhud figures to the government to declare the city “a disaster area” after conceding that reconstruction and relief efforts outweigh its capacity at the state and federal levels. Adding that Sudan is open and the world is witnessing the display of events and is waiting for this declaration to intervene and help avert the current and anticipated damage due to the complete collapse. Addressing Map environmental forum in Khartoum on August 8 2018, Ibrahim said that West Kordofan Governor stated that the destruction surpasses the state and federal governments’ ability to respond, but fell short of declaring the city a disaster area. Adding that he pleaded with parliament speaker to make a call to the world and international organization to intervene, as they have the required resources and are only waiting for a formal request by the government, and condemned the government’s refusal to take such a measure, describing the refusal as “incomprehensible”.

Locals previously made the same demand in person to the minister of foreign affairs Aldirderi Mohamed Ahmed during his visit to the area. Ibrahim held the government responsible because of the disregard contour maps in new constructions which resulted in blocking natural water courses and the cover-up that followed.              

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