Sudanese opinion leaders launch a campaign against their country’s participation in the Yemeni war

Altaghyeer: Khartoum

Sudanese academics, journalists and intellectuals demanded the Sudanese government withdraw its troops involved in the ongoing war in Yemen after calling it “morally, religiously and legitimately unjustifiable”.

This is the latest demand in a series of popular and parties’ demands including the national Nation opposing party and Reform Now movement which call for bringing the troops home.

The group said in a statement titled “The alliance of shame doesn’t represent us”, that Sudan’s participation, in what they described as an invasion of Yemen, has overwhelmed them with shame and disgrace, indicating that the decision to join came without authorization.

And the statement, seen by Altaghyeer, pointed out that war won’t benefit Sudan’s people, on the contrary, it will raise issues with the Yemeni people.

Sudan has troops on the ground in the Yemeni war along with a coalition led by Saudi Arabia against Houthis (Allah Supporters) fighters.

Meanwhile, Sudanese authorities refuse to reveal the true number of troops deployed in Yemen, but previously they affirmed their intention of sending 6000 soldier under the pretext of “protecting land of the two holy mosques”.

Most soldiers are affiliated with the controversial rapid support forces, which are accused of committing war crimes in conflict areas. And its commander Mohamed Hemidti admitted the total loss of 400 of his soldiers.

Those opposing the participation of Sudanese forces in the Yemeni war pledged to broden the base of repudiation and launch internal and external protest campaigns, urging Sudanese people to unite and rally behind this cause.

In the meantime, some rights’ groups along with the United Nations accuse the Saudi alliance of perpetrating the latest massacre that claimed tens of children’s lives in Saada when fighter jets bombarded a school bus.

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