A young girl is likely raped at a room annexed to a mosque in Al Obied

Altaghyeer: Al Obied

Sources indicated that the rape and murder of the young girl Umniya likely took place in a room annexed to a mosque in Al Obied, while police started investigating the gruesome crime that shocked North Kordofan.

Al Obied, the state capital of North Kordofan witnessed the rape and subsequent murder of Umniya Osman, who is 8 years old, a couple of days ago.

Umniya’s family announced that she left the family’s house and disappeared prior to finding her dead body in an area close to their residence in Almatar neighborhood.

While police started investigating the rape and murder, suspicions were focused on a grocery owner living near the area after the girl’s body, with severed head and arms, was found in one of the area’s sinkholes. In the meantime sources maintained the likelihood of both the rape and murder being committed in a room adjoining a nearby mosque

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