Machar forced to sign peace agreement under threats from Khartoum

Altaghyeer: Khartoum

The major rebel movement in South Sudan and a group of political opposition factions signed in initials a comprehensive peace agreement with the South Sudanese government in Sudan’s capital Khartoum last Thursday.

The two main groups joined the agreement after previously opposing it as they demanded guarantees to the accord’s execution as well as expanding its sponsorship by including IGAD and the African Union, since sponsorship was formerly offered by Sudan and Uganda.

Well informed sources told Altaghyeer that parties reversed their position after coming under pressure from the Sudanese mediation in the past couple of days.

The anonymous sources went on to add “chief Mashar came under tremendous pressure from President Omer Albashir and intelligence director Salah Ghosh to sign the accord. Pressure came in the form of insinuations that Mashar would be sent back to forced exile in South Africa and denied aid, so he eventually agreed and requested Khartoum pressure Salva Kiir to implement the agreement”.

Meanwhile the Sudanese foreign minister Aldirdiri Mohamed Ahmed revealed in a statement to the press that the coming phase would witness the transition to the stage of implementation of the agreement’s items and clauses, indicating that a timeline for execution would be drawn.

Warring factions in South Sudan will sign a final and permanent draft after presenting the agreement to the summit of Heads of IGAD States which will be held in Khartoum in September 2018.

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