Minister sworn in before his father’s murderer

Khartoum- Altaghyeer

Sworn in on Wednesday before President Omer Albashir at the republican palace was Ahmed Mohamed Osman Karrar son of brigadier general pilot Mohamed Osman Karrar, who was executed among 28 army officers accused of a failed coup and later known as “martyrs of Ramadan”.

Karrar was considered one of the outstanding officers in the armed forces and was awarded the Medal of Valor twice.

And it was passed around within the army that brigadier general Karrar was stabbed with a bayonet during interrogation, and was almost dead when brought to execution.

Altaghyeer was informed that some of the young minister’s family members criticized his appointment in a government that killed his father, as Prime Minister Bakri Hassan Salih was implicated in the execution of “martyrs of Ramadan” along with President Albashir.

And of the words attributed to martyr Karrar, which were his last words according to an army officer, “I left military service a while ago, but I prefer dying by your bullets today to watching lads like you in the armed forces, this national institution, ally themselves with a political organization made up of religion brokers, traitors and corrupters, you are puppets and a disgrace to the armed forces, which must retain its pure image as an institution that would protect, not squander, an institution that would safeguard, not threaten, an institution that would hold the people together and fend off the might of its enemy. You are cowards, and during all my service time I would fear coward enemies but would never fear brave ones”.

Martyr Karrar was buried along with his 27 companions in an unknown location and their bodies are yet to be handed to their relatives.

Karrar Jr. was appointed as Minister of State at the ministry of social security representing the original Unionists party block, which is headed by Mohamed Osman Almirghani.

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