Sources: Governor of South Darfur forced kids operating trolleys to make donations for school games

التغيير واتساب

خدمة الـتغيير واتساب

إحصل علي اَخر التحديثات يومياً علي هاتفك

Altaghyeer: Khartoum

The acceptance of South Darfur’s governor Adam Alfaki of “donations from kids operating trolleys in support of the incoming school games hosted in the state” sparked wide controversy and discontent as informed sources affirmed that Alfaki forced kids to pay 150 SDG each.

Photos taken at the state government premises in Nyala showed the governor receiving school-age children and accepting 150 SDG from each working child.

Alfaki pointed out that the step was self-initiated by the children to enable the success of the incoming 28th school games.

However, sources asserted that the governor’s administration forced trolley operating children to make the donations in an equal footing with the extensive levies imposed on merchants and other sectors in South Darfur to financially support the coming games, adding that officials are intending to outrageously enrich themselves in the name of the event.

It is noteworthy that United Nations’ covenants, which are signed by Sudan, criminalizes the exploitation of children and their employment in any kind of work that would disrupt their learning process.

The number of children out of school in South Darfur reaches up to 257 thousand, mostly made up of displaced people due to war.

Political activist Muntasir Ibrahim told Altaghyeer that what Alfaki did was a crime against children and it indicates that the government, whether at the state or federal levels, has no real obligations towards children or school drop-out.

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