Utilities of the biggest agricultural scheme in Sudan used in gold mining

Altaghyeer: Ghurashi Awad

A source within Algazeera and Managil farmers’ alliance revealed the use of equipment belonging to the department of agricultural engineering in gold mining instead of serving in preparations for the new crop season.

Mohamed Aljak Abushumma, a top leader in the alliance, told Altaghyeer in a statement that 23 companies, owned by regime’s cronies, were founded in 2009, 2010 and 2011 with a capital of 22 billion for each company, with the purpose of purchasing agricultural utilities after the liquidation of the agricultural engineering department prior to the auctioning of its equipment as scrap to the benefit of members of the bogus farmer’s union in accordance with a court’s decision in 2005. The same decision that was objected by the national auditor general’s chamber.

Abushamma indicated that “these companies employed the purchased utilities in gold mining”. And he confirmed the failure of the summer leg of the season as preparations- previously assigned to the agricultural department- were never conducted.

The source downplayed the importance of statements by the scheme’s commissioner aired yesterday on Alshoroog network claiming to allocate 350 thousand acres for wheat production during the winter leg. And indicated that the total planted area in the summer leg was 147.5 thousand acres, while sorghum was grown over 275.7 thousand acres and groundnuts over 146 thousand. In addition to providing 100 thousand SDG as finance and insurance of cultivated areas.

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