Eight abducted in North Darfur including a government official

Altaghyeer: Khartoum

Troops, probably affiliated with the rapid support forces, kidnapped 8 people including a state official near Alfashir, North Darfur, on Wednesday.

The victims, all belonging to one family, along with the official were on their way from Kabkabiya to Alfashir to follow up on a criminal case that involves one of their relatives before being stopped and taken to an unknown location.

The abducted are: Alhaj Idrees Eisa Baghal 74 years old, Alshiekh Ahmed Dahab 67 years old, Alsayid Zakariya Baghal 53 years old, Adam Idrees Baghal 57 years old, Altayib Shugar 34 years old, Mustafa Abdelaziz 24 years old, in addition to the member of North Darfur legislature Baghal Zakariya.

Motives behind the abduction are unclear, but media reports pointed out that the victims are relatives of to the detained chief of Almahameed tribe Musa Hilal who is facing the death penalty for charges stemming from announcing his opposition to the government and turning against it.

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