Kassala hospitals are overcrowded with Chikungunya patients

Altaghyeer: Kassal

Hospitals and health centers in Kassala are unprecedentedly overcrowded by patients admitted with chikungunya fever. And sources in Kassala state revealed that the disease is widely spreading in Kassala and its countryside.

Activists renewed their call for issuing an epidemic alert, and while the government of Kassala admitted the occurrence of the disease it refrained from referring to the situation as epidemic.

Photos posted on social media platforms by activists showed patients in health centers in Banat and Halangha neighborhoods as they were treated with intravenous fluids under trees.

Meanwhile a doctor told Altaghyeer that officials refused keeping patients at the hospitals and would discharge them as soon as they receive treatment out of fear of contagion.

According to the World Health Organization chikungunya is a viral disease transmitted to humans by infected mosquitoes and it causes fever and severe joints’ pain. Other symptoms of the disease include muscular pain, headache, vomiting, fatigue and skin rash.

Altaghyeer was the first to report on the wide spreading of the disease early last month in west bank neighborhoods of Kassala city.

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