Nora abducted at the age of 7 and reappeared married amid accusations to rapid support forces

Altaghyeer, Alakhbar: Khartoum

Sources in Khartoum revealed interesting information regarding the young girl Nora Alsanosi who was abducted at the age of 7 and resurfaced after 8 years as a wife amid accusations implicating the rapid support forces in the incident.

Alakhbar newspaper reported that Meserriya tribe chief in Khartoum Ahmed Abualmazzal provided new details in the Nora’s story, who is part of his clan, and who was kidnapped during a tribal war in Darfur region in 2010 at the age of 7, and was found married in Khartoum.

Currently, a litigation process is underway between her family and those accused of her abduction at Garsila prosecution office in Central Darfur state as the trial was moved there from Khartoum.

The defendants, including the husband, claim that their daughter-in-law, who is called Amani isn’t the same person named in the case.

The Meserriya’s chief said that prosecutors requested a DNA test to the young girl and involved parties to determine the genetic codes and make a ruling in the case, but they –as plaintiffs- demanded the defendants name one father to the girl since they presented three different fathers. He also indicated that the defendants had a marriage certificate with a different name for the girl’s father than the one they presented during prosecution which implies that all that is happening is fabrication and not true. He also said that the case is legally and politically escalating but restitution will happen soon according to current realities

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