Security authorities offer a deal in corruption case and the defendant refuses

Khartoum: Altaghyeer

Authorities asked businessman Fadul Mohamed Khier, who is detained in the so-called campaign against “fat cats”, to surrender all his shares in Bank of Khartoum as part of a deal in exchange for his release, but rejected the offer and demanded a public trial asserting that he acquired his fortune legitimately.

An informed source with the prosecutor’s office for corruption offences told Altaghyeer that “security authorities offered Fadul a deal under which he would relinquish his own stocks in Bank of Khartoum, in addition to cash sums in dollars, but he only accepted the waiver of 2% of his shares”.

Fadul, Bank of Khartoum board chairman and parliament member, was taken into custody and charged with money laundry, unlawful and suspicious enrichment and economic sabotage as he personally asked parliament speaker for waiver of immunity after calls criticizing the protection it offered him.

After rejecting authorities’ proposal Fadul asked for a trial in the court of law and said during interrogation “I am a civilian and I demand be taken to a civil court in public”.

A number of prosecutors criticized the legal procedures taken against those detained in the course of the so-called “campaign against fat cats” as charges were brought without evidence and defendants were treated like convicts.

Previously attorney Adil Abdelghani complained that he was only allowed one meeting with his client Fadul Mohamed Khier in a detention center affiliated with security authorities, and requested he be moved to a prosecutor’s facility.

Legal activists are doubtful any defendant in the campaign against corruption would be brought to trial as many influential officials are linked to dubious practices including members of Albashir’s family. On the other hand, some view the campaign as a publicity stunt for the president before elections in 2020.

Additionally, ex-minister of Justice Awad Hassan Alnoor criticized the prosecutor’s office for corruption offences in a previous article and said that it isn’t following the right procedures because it is affiliated with security authorities, and demanded the formation of an anti-corruption commission where prosecutors and judges would be appointed.

Authorities recently released a number of those who were in custody without providing reasons for doing so, and without setting a date for their trial. Among those released was the board chairman of Islamic Insurance Company Mohamed Hassan Nayir and its director general Kamal Jadkarim along with one of his assistants. Also lately released was the ex-director general of Faisal Islamic Bank Albaghir Noori. In the meantime the ex-deputy director of general security and intelligence service Abdelghafar Alshareef is tried before a military court.

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