American embassy warns its nationals of acts of violence in the vicinity of Sudaniya 24

Khartoum: Altaghyeer

The US embassy in Khartoum issued a notice to its nationals in Sudan on Saturday 2nd warning them of going near Sudaniya channel as violent acts are anticipated according to to the notice which was obtained by Altaghyeer.

An episode aired by the German Deutsch Welle channel stirred intense controversy in Sudan evolved into demands of shutting down Sudaniya 24 channel which was slammed by radical Islamists since it is committed, through a memorandum of understanding, to providing technical support to the German channel.

And today a police force was stationed in front of the building where the Sudanese channel is based to offer protection against a possible attack. On the other hand the head of the channel Altahir Hassan Altom was summoned by the National Security and Intelligence service for interrogation about Shabab Talk episode and released afterwards.

The American embassy asked its nationals to stay away from Almashtal street and Block 1 in Alriyad, specifically the area around Sana mall which is neighboring offices of Sudaniya 24. And the warning comes according to the notice, amid fears of possible acts of violence carried out by extreme Islamists after a wave of criticism launched by religious leaders targeting Shabab talk episode. Fears were additionally fueled by calls circulating on social media platforms to stage a protest in front of the channel’s office Sunday morning.

The embassy urged its nationals to be cautious and follow local media outlets before moving freely in the vicinity of the channel’s headquarters.     

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