Debate between girl and cleric leads to threats to Sudanese satellite channel

Altaghyeer: Khartoum

Resources informed Altaghyeer that security authorities summoned Altahir Hassan Altom head of Sudaniya 24 TV channel on Saturday 2nd of September against a backdrop of the channel’s participation in the program Shabab Talk which was aired last week.

Workers at the channel were took by surprise by the presence of a police patrol car parked at the entrance to the channel’s offices on Saturday morning in addition to the presence of police officers inside and outside the building.

One of the employees said that administration later told them that the police is there for protection against extremists who issued threats against the channel after the German channel Deutsch Welle broadcasted an episode of Shabab Talk that was devoted to women’s conditions in Sudan.

The German channel hosted Sudanese women activists facing off with the head of Sudanese Scientists Corporation and some of his supporters.

The Sudanese channel disavowed the episode’s content in an official statement, adding that the never aired the controversial episode, indicating that their role was limited to providing logistics and liaison according to an agreement with the German channel.

A short video footage showing a portion of the episode pictured activist Wiam Shawgi directing her speech at the head of the Sudanese Scientists Corporation and accusing the his institution together with other clerics of working against women’s freedom and supporting legislation designed to restrict women’s appearance and freedom, and they also don’t sufficiently incriminate women harassers.

The episode prompted some extremist clerics as Abdelhay Yousif, Muzamil Faghiri and Mohamed Ismail to unleash a relentless campaign against the Sudanese channel in their Friday prayers’ sermons. Some of the clerics went as far as urging authorities to impose punitive measures on the channel as Abdelhay Yousif justified “the episode was meant to target the religion’s pillars”.


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