Tens killed and wounded in tribal clashes in Aldindir

التغيير واتساب

خدمة الـتغيير واتساب

إحصل علي اَخر التحديثات يومياً علي هاتفك

Altaghyeer: Khartoum

Hiwewa area- 2 km east of Aldindir city- witnessed violent clashes since Friday afternoon that resulted in three casualties as tens of others were wounded according to eye witnesses who spoke to Altaghyeer.

Hiwewa, which is located in Aldindir locality, Sinnar State, is home to Rufa’ah tribes and groups of Hausa tribe who live in close and mixed neighborhoods in some areas.

An eye witness said that the root cause of the dispute was an assault carried out by two young men on a motorbike over a girl who was fetching wood away from the residential area.

Immediately after hearing about the incident, Hausa notables turned in the young men to police, however, a group of Rufa’ah individuals attacked the area firing shots as violent clashes ensued resulting in the death of three and injuries among tens of others. A source indicated a conflict in reports regarding fatalities and injured individuals, confirming the existence of serious injuries on both sides.

Police cordoned the area off on Saturday morning and closed entry points between the two groups to stem the escalation of the dispute.

A number of tractors, cars and homes were torched according to an eye witness, who also said that a number of officials arrived on Saturday afternoon at the area in an attempt to contain the conflict, asserting that the situation is still tense.

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