Youths, artists and companies launch initiatives to aid patients in Kassala

Altaghyeer: Salih Amar

A number of youths, artists and companies launched initiatives to aid patients in Kassala which is widely hit by illnesses and fevers that affected many locals leading to some deaths.

Large numbers flocked to the National Central Laboratory (Stack) in Khartoum in response to a call by activists on social media for blood donation.

And from Khartoum artists including Nada Algala’a and Ahmed Alsadig urged their fans to make money donations while singer Esmat Bakri announced his performance in public concert to be held next Thursday with all proceeds going for patients.

Also Mushwari transport company announced that they are donating one pound from every ride on the taxi company that they operate.

Unofficial estimations indicate tens of thousands of residents in the historical city in eastern Sudan contracted fevers as more cases and deaths are reported.

Meanwhile activists criticized the government for the lack of medication, insect control programs and environmental sanitation in addition to the discretion and news blackout.

It is also worth noting that a young medical doctor named Areej Abdelhadi, who worked as volunteer in treating patients, died yesterday due to the same illness.

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