Patients removed from hospitals hours before Prime Minister’s visit to Kassala

Altaghyeer: Kassala

Sources in Kassala city revealed that authorities on Sunday removed patients from major hospitals in the city hours before a planned visit by the Sudanese Prime Minister Mutaz Musa.

And they pointed out that the reason is an attempt to show fewer patients at hospitals, a matter that would back claims by Kassala’s governor Adam Jamma’a indicating the limited prevalence of fevers, in contrast with many reports revealing their high incidence along with high mortality rates.

Sources also indicated that emptying hospitals resulted in overcrowding of patients in peripheral neighborhoods.

In a related context, and according to information obtained by Altaghyeer, authorities managed to deploy medical and security staff affiliated with the governor in all health centers to provide visitors from Khartoum with false information regarding current conditions.

In the meantime and since Monday morning aerial spraying campaigns were conducted for the first time in the city in what seemed to be a response to wide public and media pressure targeting authorities for their failure in tackling the epidemic besieging the eastern located city.

Beginning of August Altaghyeer published a report on the wide spreading fever hitting the western areas of the city, news authorities continued to deny up until a few days ago when they were forced into an admission as the fever ravaged the city and moved to other cities and states.

Kassala battles widespread forms of fevers which are sometimes accompanied with bleedings and severe joint pain initially diagnosed as chikungunya, but some medical sources pointed out the possibility of the existence of more than one type of fever, including hemorrhagic fever, in the city which suffers unprecedentedly high abundance rates of mosquitoes and flies and wide pollution after the rainy season.

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