Rapid support forces create panic in Khartoum

Altaghyee: Khartoum

Rapid support troops, accompanied by other forces launched extensive campaigns in Khartoum neighborhoods targeting youths and girls. Citizens complained about being subjected to beatings with whips and sticks, insults and also having their hair forcibly cut.

Campaigns that started 3 days ago targeted gatherings in different neighborhoods in Khartoum including East Soba, Alkalakla, Alhaj Yousif beside other areas.

Many took to social media platforms to talk about the brutality of those forces which even attacked women and children in the streets.

An eye witness in Alkalakla said they were ambushed and attacked by forces, seemingly rapid support forces, at a coffee shop as they shouted “freeze, freeze” while simultaneously and randomly hitting and kicking them.

He added that anyone objecting was severely beaten while others were randomly picked and forced to have their hair cut prior to being beaten.

Photos showed tens of soldiers on Land cruiser vehicles roaming Khartoum neighborhoods last night.

Last Thursday Alhaj Yousif area saw the first attacks as uniformed personnel on the back of vehicles embarked on hitting and forcing haircuts on a number of young men sitting in front of and around tea stalls at street No. 1 and station 13. And according to eye witnesses the attacking forces managed to spread fear in the area.

This measure took place against a backdrop of uproar created by a televised episode aired on a German channel, and considered “provocative” by clerics and extremists who demanded authorities impose head covers on women as well as “enforcing public discipline”.

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