USA keeps Sudan on terrorism list and Gosh flies to Washington

Altaghyeer: Khartoum

United States of America retained Sudan on the list of states sponsors of terrorism as the director of national security and intelligence service Salah Gosh heads to Washington for talks with the Central Intelligence agency centered on security cooperation and the possibility of removing Khartoum from the list.

Altaghyeer was informed that Salah Gosh is to discuss developments in Sudan’s cooperation in fighting terrorism while reports indicate that the issue is linked to the field marshal Omer Albashir remaining in power, since he is wanted by the International Criminal Court, and him resisting reform and a previous American call for soft landing.

In the same context, the chairman of Joint Chiefs of Staff Kamal Abdelma’aroof is participating in a conference on fighting violent extremism organized by USA in Washington, along with military commanders and chiefs of staff from more than 120 countries, as well as his participation in the American military union’s conference.

All these moves coincide with the publishing of the state department annual report on terrorism, as Sudan was kept on the list despite the report indicating Khartoum’s cooperation with Washington. And according to Sudan Media Center, which is affiliated with security and intelligence service, the American report asserted the contribution of Khartoum in operations designed to fight threats to American interests and American nationals in Sudan in addition to its efforts in controlling the border with Libya, blocking the passage of terrorist elements in the region and fighting arms smuggling and trafficking.

It is worth noting that Donald Trump’s administration lifted the American sanctions imposed on Sudan since 1997, but kept its name on the list of states sponsors of terrorism which it was included in since 1993.

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