Authorities announce seizure of large quantities of arms in eastern Sudan

Altaghyeer: Kassala

Authorities announced the seizure of large quantities of arms during a search conducted in residential areas in Kassala, eastern Sudan.

Colonel Major Alsadig Haggar Hamad Alnur, leading the joint government forces including the army, police and security, said that their forces sieged Mastoora neighborhood in west Kassala and seized “a large quantity of arms, unlicensed vehicles, local and foreign currencies and gold prepared for smuggling”.

Mastoora neighborhood is considered home to the Arabic Rashayda tribes. And rights groups reported the neighborhood as a detention area of trafficking victims prior to transferring them to other areas and countries including Egypt and Israel.

Sources confirmed to Altaghyeer that government armed forces cordoned that area and conducted a house-by-house search.

Colonel Majdi Hassan Abdallah, commanding the investigation police unit in Kassala state, pointed out in statements published by the official news agency SUNA that a number of individuals were arrested and charged, emphasizing on “their persistence in pursuing search campaigns in all targeted locations in the state”.

Authorities declared a state of emergency in Kassala, which is neighboring Eretria, by the end of last year as a result of claims of the proliferation of arms and the existence of hordes of Egyptians intending to attack Sudan through Eretria, which was rejected by both Cairo and Asmara. However, activists accuse Kassala’s governor Adam Gamma’a of using the emergency state to stifle free speech and bashing those antagonizing him.

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