Bread and fuel crises escalate in Sudan: Bakeries shutdown and overcrowding in front of gas stations

Altaghyeer: Khartoum

Shortages in bread and fuel escalated into crises in Sudanese capital Khartoum and other cities despite government promises of figuring out a solution.

A large number of gas stations witnessed a lineup of vehicles in long queues searching for gasoline. Time spent in queues by owners of public transport vehicles brought back a transportation crisis that hit some areas of Khartoum previously.

An operator at a gas station in Khartoum told Altaghyeer that “we didn’t receive our gasoline quota this week”, and went on saying “the fuel truck didn’t show up since last week, and we don’t know why! Some companies are saying that they don’t have enough fuel”.

The whole country slipped into an unprecedented fuel shortage, due to lack of hard currency used for imports, spanning 4 months and resulting in total paralysis of public life in the capital.

The oil minister previously affirmed that the crisis won’t be back in any time in the future after calling past solutions as “temporary and emergency measures”.

Meanwhile the bread crisis in Khartoum continued to grow as tens of people queued in front of bakeries looking for bread amid the forced shutdown of many bakeries.

Abdallah Hassan, a bakery owner in Khartoum North told Altaghyeer that he had to close his bakery since he didn’t receive his flour quota for more than 2 weeks, adding that “we didn’t get our flour quota and we couldn’t get it from the black market, so we had to close to minimize our losses”.

The Prime Minister recently took to twitter to tweet an apology to Sudanese people as he called the situation a “short-term crisis”.

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