Houthis send message to Khartoum: Sudanese soldiers are casualties

Agencies/ Altagheer

The Yemeni group “Supporters of God” urged Sudan to reconsider its stance of participating in the Arabic alliance, led by Saudi Arabia and targeting the group in Yemen, describing the fallen Sudanese soldiers as “victims of Khartoum’s decision to join the alliance”.

Almaseerah channel quoted a spokesperson of the group on November 10th as saying “Sudanese casualties and captives on the west coast are victims of the Sudanese regime cashing in on an unjust and unjustifiable war”. The spokesperson warned that “the Sudanese regime will only reap loss and perdition from their hostile position against Yemen”, adding “we respect the Sudanese people, our brothers, and we hope that the Sudanese regime would reconsider their stand on this absurdity”.

Saudi Arabia is leading an Arabic military alliance in Yemen since March 26th 2015 in support of army forces loyal to President Abdu Rabbo Hadi Mansour to take back areas once controlled by Supporters of God group in January of the same year.

On the same context and months ago, commander of the rapid support forces militia revealed that hundreds of his troops perished in the war in Yemen as legal activists accuse Sudanese authorities of hiding the number of those killed or wounded in the that war.

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