Fuel crisis raging on in Khartoum and amid expected price hike

Khartoum: Altaghyeer

The fuel crisis tightened in all Sudan’s states which led to a partial paralysis and lack of public transport in large areas of Sudan as media reports speculated on a possible raise in gasoline prices.

All states, but mostly Kassala, Alghadarif, White Nile and Khartoum, suffer from a severe fuel shortage resulting in an interruption of daily businesses of many people.

Eye witnesses reported to “Altaghyeer” on Thursday that most gas stations in Khartoum and other states had to deal with long queues of cars while other stations were out of service.

The long queues of cars in gas stations in Khartoum led to an almost total lack of public transport as some commuters were forced to use lorries and trucks to get to their homes while others had to walk.

In kassala, eastern Sudan, eye witnesses were quoted as saying that people gather in large number since dawn in gas stations where some spend a day or two without getting fuel.

Meanwhile, a car owner in Algezira state said that he had been searching for fuel for 3 days to no avail, indicating that some had to leave their vehicles at home or opt to purchase from the black market at double the normal price.

In some states security authorities would close down gas stations at 5:00 pm after stating a maximum 10 liter quota for each car.

Additionally, media sources reported that the oil ministry instructed all companies working in the mining sector and other different factories to import their gasoline supplies using their own resources based on international prices. Observers considered this measure a first step towards totally liberalizing fuel prices, an arrangement expected to lead to more increases in commodities’ prices.

Sudan is currently suffering a crushing economic crisis a steep decline in the local currency’s value against foreign currencies marked by the inability to import fuel

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