Islamic leaders demand Albashir to dissolve the “failing government”

Altaghyeer: Khartoum

An informed source within the 2020 coalition revealed that the leadership of the coalition agreed in an emergency meeting to deliver an urgent memorandum to the Sudanese president Omer Albashir demanding an immediate dissolution of the current government.

The source said that “an agreement has been reached to deliver a memorandum to Albashir in which we demand an immediate dissolution of the government because despite collecting their appropriations,its member still failed to run this country”. The source went on to add that enclosed in the memorandum is a suggestion of a transitional government headed by Albashir aided by a lean cabinet formed of skilled technocrats tasked with paving the way for the adoption of radical solutions capable of pulling the country out of its current dilemma.

Members of the 2020 coalition agreed that Mutaz Musa’s government introduced the country into a crisis that threatens its stability and political and social security.

It is worth noting that this coalition includes 28 parties and movements and was founded last September, and one of its prominent leaders is Ghazi Salahaldeen, a former advisor to president Albashir who left the National Congress party to form a movement called “Reform Now”.

Sudan is currently enduring a stifling crisis and deep public outrage.

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