Albashir: It is a holy war in Yemen

Sudanese government announced today that its troops will remain in Yemen and that it is prepared to send more.

After a meeting with the chief of staff of the Saudi army, Fayad Hamid, President Albashir said “the war in Yemen is a holy war and Saudi national security is a red line”.

In the same context, the Sudanese army chief of staff Kamal Adbelma’aroof asserted after meeting with his Saudi counterpart in Khartoum that Sudan will send more troops to fight in Yemen, indicating that Sudan intends to expand its military collaboration with Saudi Arabia in the period ahead.

On his part, the Saudi army chief of staff Fayad Hamid Alruwieli said that the Sudanese forces have effectively contributed in what he described as successes achieved under operation Decisive Storm in Yemen. He also added that collaboration between the Sudanese and Saudi armed forces will continue for protecting the national security of both countries and the whole region.

He went on to confirm that Sudan will participate in military drills in Saudi Arabia next month.

Sudan is currently taking part in an ongoing war in Yemen with troops on the ground alongside a coalition led by Saudi Arabia.

There are no reports of the number of Sudanese troops deployed in Yemen, but previously the Sudanese government announced that more than 6000 are participating in the fights

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