Diplomatic source: Albashir secretly visited another capital before Damascus

Khartoum: Altaghyeer

A diplomatic source revealed that Albashir made a secret visit to the Russian capital Moscow before heading to Damascus on Sunday.

The source told “Altaghyeer” that “Albashir secretly visited Moscow and met with the Russian president Vladimir Putin and didn’t make that public”. The source pointed out that the discreet visit took place when Albashir visited Belarus last week.

In the meeting with Putin, attended by a number of Russian intelligence officials, Albashir discussed the Red sea region’s security, war in the Gulf area, American pressures in the area and economic conditions in Sudan.

The source also indicated that arrangements to visit Damascus were made during that meeting as Russia liaised the visit and was quoted as saying “Russia supervised the whole matter and liaised with the Syrian government” adding that “Russia offered Albashir protection during the flight from Moscow to Damascus and from there to the Sudanese airspace”.

Albashir visited Belarus on December 9 and spent three days there with no specific outcomes presented. He also made a surprise and unannounced visit to Damascus on Sunday that created wide reverberations on the media as he became the first president to visit Damascus since the beginning of the civil war in 2011.

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