Khartoum demonstrations reach Alqasr and Jumhuriya streets

Khartoum: Altaghyeer

In a development to protests in Sudan, the intersection of Alqasr and Jumhuriya streets witnessed a demonstration involving around 1000 protesters as they headed to the republican palace which is a few meters away from the presidential palace. Police cars flooded the area in an attempt to prevent protesters from reaching the presidential palace as chants of “the people want to take down the regime” filled the air.

Eye witnesses said that police fired live ammunition in the air to disperse protesters.

A number of neighborhoods in Khartoum and Omdurman saw violent protests that erupted shortly in Aldem in central Khartoum and in main streets in Omdurman.

Hundreds of students from Sudan University for Science and Technology and Neelain University emerged to the streets condemning the government as they chanted “the people want to take down the regime”, “peaceful peaceful” and “stand up for your right, student”. Shortly after they walked out police confronted them and dispersed them using tear gas.

“Altaghyeer” also spotted hundreds of students in Alwadi, Alshinghiti and Althawra Binnus streets in Omdurman.

Students also emerged from Ribat University, faculty of education, University of Khartoum and University of Science and Technology blocking the three streets as police confronted them with tear gas.

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