Large demonstrations in 6 Sudanese cities as premises of the ruling party were burnt down

Khartoum: Altaghyeer

Demonstrations were heavily back Thursday morning in Atbara’s streets as most of the city’s residents joined in, and eye witnesses among the demonstrators told “Altaghyeer” that the number is estimated to be around 10000.

Demonstrators are poised to cross a bridge connecting Atbara and Aldamar, where the governorate of River Nile and a large number of government entities and ministries reside.

An eye witness said that people chanted “no for hunger, no for prices hikes” at the start of the protests but later they chanted “the people want to take down the regime”.

Police fired tear gas on the protesters while some of reacted by throwing stones back, and eye witnesses asserted that police eventually withdrew from routes taken by protesters.

Demonstrations first erupted yesterday morning in Atbara forcing authorities to suspend classes at all levels around the state and announce an emergency state and a curfew from 6:00 pm to 6:00 am.

In a related context, protesters burned down the National Congress party headquarters and a number of government buildings as attempts by police and security authorities to avert that failed.

According to eye witnesses the protests were initiated by students from University of Dongola and a number of high schools, then they were joined by other citizens as they roamed different city streets.

On the same context, protests were also said to torch the headquarters of the National Congress in Gadarif despite police firing tear gas.

Large demonstrations demanding the removal of Omer Albashir’s regime were held in a number pf Sudanese cities in the past two days including Alginena, a portion of Medani’s neighborhoods, Atbara and PortSudan.

“Altaghyeer” was informed by a number of eye witnesses that demonstrations broke out of Industry and Services high schools and were joined by residents from different areas afterwards. Protesters held up Sudan’s flag and chanted “freedom, peace and justice; revolution is the peoples’ option” and “the people want to take down the regime”.

Additionally, “Akhbar Alwatan” bulletin published the Sudanese Congress party from the opposition, confirmed that demonstrations were held in Hadal neighborhood in PortSudan Wednesday morning as people protested high costs of living and economic collapse, indicating that the demonstrations grew in different portions of the city up to the main market leading to a total shutdown of stores and complete paralysis of the city. It is worth noting that a committee for follow-up on bread announced a new price (3 SDG for one piece of bread), a move that elicited strong disapproval from citizens.

On the other hand and on Tuesday morning hundreds of students in Alginena protested the rising costs of living and a new price tag slapped on bread (3 SDG for on piece) as they gathered in front of Almustafin high school near Injamena market and blocked the main street leading to the customs offices before an intervention by a police force who used tear gas and batons to disperse them.

The bulletin published by the Sudanese Congress, whose leaders are actively engaged in organizing and guiding the masses in some areas, confirmed that demonstrations continued in Medani for a second day on Tuesday spurred by the bread crisis, prices’ hikes and other living crises engulfing the country, when students from the Holy Quran University held demonstrations denouncing the lack of bread and were joined by students from Wad Medani Technical College. Eye witnesses said that police broke up the protests using tear gas as the crisis lingers and queues languish for long hours in front of bakeries.

On another front in Red Sea state, Jabet city witnessed student demonstrations protesting the raising of bread prices to 3 SDG for a piece as citizens in the city said that police dispersed the demonstrations which were organized by students of faculty of education using tear gas. In their chants protesters demanded a solution to the bread crisis and other living problems in addition to political chants demanding the removal of the regime.

Fadasi Alhaleemab also witnessed demonstrations on Tuesday night which extended out of the area as protesters blocked the highway between Khartoum and Medani. Protests were a reaction to the total lack of bread and flour shortage in bakeries, matters that infuriated the area’s residents. A number of students from the faculty of communication science, University of Gezira, were detained before being released later.  





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