Protests escalate in Gadarif as casualties, injuries and torching of banks are reported

Khartoum: Altaghyeer

Gadarif city saw violent demonstrations and eye witnesses informed “Altaghyeer” that security forces targeted protesters with live ammunition leading to a number of casualties. Additionally, sources confirmed a number of banks were burned down in the downtown area including Bank of Khartoum and the Sudanese French bank.

Demonstrations erupted in the downtown area and on the main street in the major market when students chanted “no for hunger” and “the people want to take down the regime” and clashed with police and security forcing them to retreat.

The area surrounding the National Congress headquarters in Dem Hamad Alshayghiya neighborhood next to Ansar Alsunna mosque saw violent clashes between security forces and residents. Activists said that one resident was killed and more than six injured as security forces opened fire, but these numbers were not confirmed by medical sources.

A number of protesters set fire on cars parked in front of Bank of Khartoum them proceeded to burn the whole building, and according to witnesses, went to set fire on the Sudanese French bank. Some protesters forced their way into Bank of Gezira chanting “no for repression, we want our money”.

Eye witnesses indicated that some government entities and private property were damaged by protesters.

Gadarif is going through a crushing crisis of bread and fuel as the price of one piece of bread jumped to 3 SDG and long fuel queues became a regular scene amid huge hikes in essential goods’ prices. In addition to that the state suffers financial shortages regarding the present agriculture season.



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