Albashir promises economic reforms and opposition demands he steps down

Altaghyeer: Khartoum

President Omer Albashir on Monday made commitments to introduce economic reforms in the country in his first public reaction to protests taking place in 15 cities demanding the removal of the government.

Albashir held a meeting with security officials led by Salah Ghosh head of the National Intelligence and Security Service, showing the service’s loyalty to the president, as he was briefed on the protests. During the meeting and according to SUNA, Albashir asserted “the State’s continued efforts to undertake economic reforms that would guarantee citizens a dignified life”. Albashir also called for citizens to beware of attempts to instill disappointment” and promising the adoption of “real reforms that would restore citizen’s confidence in the banking system”.

In the meantime the opposition intends to organize a peaceful march to the republican palace in Khartoum Tuesday afternoon and delivering a memorandum demanding the stepdown of president Albashir and the forming of an interim government. The event is called for by “Sudanese vocational congregation”, and major opposition parties announced their intention to participate.

Most Sudanese cities witness growing protests in the last six days against a background of grave economic crises.

It is worth noting that police and security authorities used live ammunition on protesters in some cities resulting in 23 deaths, including protesters under the age of 18, and tens of whom were seriously wounded.

Some of the police and military officers joined the demonstrations, in an unprecedented move in Albashir’s time, who grabbed power via a military coup in 1989.

Protesters in all towns demanded the removal of the regime while burning down the National Congress’s headquarters and a number of governmental premises.

Authorities announced emergency states and curfews in three state capitals and shut down universities and schools in most of the country.

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