Troika states demand Sudanese government refrain from shooting protesters

Altaghyeer: Khartoum

Troika states (USA, Norway, UK and Canada) called upon the Sudanese government to respect citizen’s right to peaceful demonstration, indicating that the Sudanese people have the right to “express their legitimate grievances”.

In a statement the group stressed their concern towards “acts of violence committed during the latest protests including documented reports of the use of live ammunition by the Sudanese government and the many resultant casualties during the protests”.

The group went on to say that it expects “the government to implement measures leading to the investigation of cases of power abuse”, while welcoming “pledges of the Sudanese foreign ministry in that regard”.

The group urged the government to react to protest within the Sudanese and international laws and avoid the use of live ammunition against protesters, arbitrary detention and censorship of press while urging all parties to “avoid violence and vandalism”.

Meanwhile, most Sudanese cities witness growing protests in the last six days against a background of grave economic crises.

It is worth noting that police and security authorities used live ammunition on protesters in some cities resulting in 23 deaths, including protesters under the age of 18, and tens of whom were seriously wounded.

Some of the police and military officers joined the demonstrations, in an unprecedented move in Albashir’s time, who grabbed power via a military coup in 1989.

Protesters in all towns demanded the removal of the regime while burning down the National Congress’s headquarters and a number of governmental premises.

Authorities announced emergency states and curfews in three state capitals and shut down universities and schools in most of the country.

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