Announcement of Sudanese uprising coordination body to escalate mass mobilization

Khartoum: Altaghyeer

Seven Sudanese political organizations announced Friday the formation of the Sudanese uprising coordination body for urging and mobilizing people for the purpose of escalating, maintaining, diversifying and organizing masses’ movements through sit-ins, strikes and day and night demonstrations in Khartoum and other regions via all peaceful means.

The body stated in its establishment proclamation- seen by “Altaghyeer”- that “the call for this coordination body is inspired by the experience of the peoples’ struggle and the history of the Sudanese revolution in fighting totalitarian regimes through creating a coordination body that ensures the consistency of the revolution’s path in line with all agreed covenants leading to the removal and liquidation of the regime, and the formation of an interim civil authority armed with a programme that will consolidate the true democratic transformation”.

The coordination body is formed of the “National Consensus forces”, “Sudan Call forces”, “Center Alliance for change”, “Sudanese professional’s Association”, “Centre Alliance for change”, “Opposing Unionist Congregation” and the “Republican party”, for the entrenchment of law, justice, freedom and peace state through and an agreed democratic alternative per the establishment proclamation.

The coordination body denied claims that it concocted the revolution, but affirmed that they are a genuine part of the movement, completing and supporting its other parts, and declared their openness as they welcomed political and social entities who believe in the revolution and uprising for the sake of overthrowing the regime, dismantling its authoritarian core and uprooting the “deep state” established through the policy of empowerment. The body reiterated that the success of the Sudanese revolution depends on its peaceful approach and continued demonstrations, sit-ins and strikes building up to a general political strike and overall civil disobedience which will be announced soon- according to the statement- while emphasizing their rejection to all false solutions purported by the regime to circumvent peoples’ will, military alternatives or externally imposed solutions.

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