Funeral held for student tortured to death after latest demonstrations

Altaghyeer: Khartoum

On Saturday morning a funeral was held for Abdelrahman Alsadig Mohamed Alamin at Aldikhenat cemetery. The deceased who was a student at the faculty of arts/ University of Khartoum went missing since Tuesday 25th of December before police called his next of kin on Thursday to receive his remains from the Academic hospital’s morgue in Khartoum.

At the morgue the deceased’s father was surprised by signs of beatings on the head and back of his son with fresh blood coming out of his nose and ears as authorities claimed the student drowned in the White Nile and the his body was found in Alkalakla area southern Khartoum. Parents of the deceased rejected authorities’ account and demanded an autopsy to determine the real cause of death amid assertions made by his father that his son died of torture according to sources close the family.

Meanwhile, angry users took to social media to condemn what happened and demand the whole matter to be taken further through rights’ organizations.

Most of Sudanese cities witness mounting protests against a backdrop of devastating economic and political crises.

Police and security forces countered protesters with live ammunition in some cities which resulted in 39 casualties including underage individuals (below 18 years old), and tens who were wounded with some seriously injured.

Some of the police and military officers joined the demonstrations, in an unprecedented move in Albashir’s time, who grabbed power via a military coup in 1989.

In all cities protesters demanded the removal of the regime while National Congress headquarters and some governmental premises were set ablaze.

Consequently, authorities announced emergency states and curfews in three state capitals and shut down universities and schools in most of the country.

Security authorities embarked on an arrest campaign in all cities targeting activists and political leaders as the number of detainees exceeded 200 according to situation room set by activists to monitor and document violations.

In further developments on Tuesday Khartoum saw a march led by the “Sudanese Professional’s Association” joined by other opposition parties and headed to the republican palace with the intention of delivering a memorandum demanding the departure of Albashir. Despite the extreme repression by authorities protesters managed to occupy the downtown area forming the first large opposition crowd in the capital’s center since Albashir’s coup in 1989 according to observers.

Demonstrations were held on Friday afternoon in Khartoum and a number of cities demanding the removal of the regime, and a new development religious clerks (Imams) explicitly attacked Albashir and expressed support for protesters in their speeches.

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