Situation room for December’s violations: Selective detaining of Darfuri students

A report published by the situation room monitoring violations in December shed light on the detention of 7 students, originally from Darfur region, Friday morning as their resident was raided in Aldarushab suburb in Khartoum North.

The report pointed out a pattern of “continued systematic targeting of Darfuri students” citing an earlier case in which 32 students from University of Sennar were detained, beaten and tortured into forced confessions incriminating themselves, as authorities touted their admission of working within a subversion unit supported by Israeli intelligence (Mossad) and affiliated with Sudan Liberation Movement led by Abdelwahid Mohamed Noor.

It is worth noting that the “situation room for December’s violations” was set up by a number of activist, organizations and independent entities focusing on monitoring and documenting violations committed by authorities during December’s uprising, and it came into action by publishing a list of 206 detainees. In a statement the group vowed to carry on monitoring violations and highlight them for local, regional and international entities.

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