Mourners abandon dead bodies at State governor residence to express anger

Al Taghyeer Online: Khartoum – the Sudanese people have devised a new way to
express their anger and to protest the deteriorating security situation as hundreds of
citizens in the western Sudanese town of El Fasher carried dead bodies and placed
them in front of the residence of the governor of North Darfur State to protest
continued killing of citizens by armed men. Two farmers were killed in Tawilla

A procession carrying two corpses arrived in El Fasher yesterday Wednesday from
Tibra area and demonstrated in front of the residence of the North Darfur governor.
Eyewitnesses said the procession came from Tibra area to El Fasher town on foot
carrying two dead bodies to send a message to shed light on the increasing
incidents of killing of farmers by armed herders.
A resident of El Fasher told Al Taghyeer Online the procession abandoned the
dead bodies in front of the house of the governor and returned to their village. The


bodies were subsequently taken to the mortuary of a public hospital. A source at
North Darfur State Ministry of Health pointed out that the armed herders opened
fire on the farmers who tried to prevent animals from grazing on their farms.
The source said corpses could not be kept long hours without cooling, adding the
anger caused residents to carry the bodies to El Fasher to force the governor to
intervene to address the problem caused by armed herders. “Increased attacks by
armed herders left several farmers killed over the last two months,” said a source at
North Darfur State Ministry of Health.

The source warned that some livestock herders are armed and they graze their
animals on the farmers’ farms at gun point. Last week armed herders killed a
farmer in Tangarara area when the latter tried to prevent the animals from grazing
on his farm. They fired four bullets hitting different parts of his body.

The governor is accused of inaction in the face of the threat posed by heavily
armed herders whose number is on the rise in El Fasher rural areas. The source
added that the armed herders belong to population groups that have recently
emerged in large numbers in North Darfur State localities.

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