FFC proposes adding two new ministries to cabinet


Khartoum- Altaghyeer: The Central Council of Forces of Freedom and Change (FFC ) has proposed dividing some major ministries to more than one and adding two new ministries, one for telecommunication and digital transformation, and the second for peace,  FFC’s central council spokeswoman, Amina Mahmoud Alshain, has revealed.

“The proposed changes to the cabinet structure will be discussed in a meeting today, Wednesday, with prime minister, Abdullah Hamdok,” Ms. Alshain said.

The FFC’s central council issued a statement refuting media reports about applying quota system in selection of ministers for the new cabinet.

The council said competency criterion is the decisive factor in selecting candidates for all ministries. The exception to this rule will be seats allocated to peace process’ parties in accordance with the Juba peace agreement.

The statement affirmed the council did not recommend keeping or relieving any minister, indicating that they rely on annual performance reports to evaluate ministers. It confirmed reliance on scientific and objective criteria which will make new cabinet a boost in developing the executive power in order to achieve the goals of the glorious December revolution.

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