Routes to military headquarters blocked to prevent a protest

Khartoum- Sarah Taj Al-Sir,

A high-ranking military source in the ministry of defense revealed that the roads leading to the military headquarters were closed since yesterday evening due to security precautions, adding that  there are “ information about a march to be  organized by war-injured staff, retired officers, and personnel dismissed from the armed forces.”

The military official, who preferred to remain anonymous, told Altaghyeer that “these procedures aim to secure the military headquarters from the expected demonstration in front of the ministry of defense gate,”. Refusing to talk about the march’s causes, the official said, “We do not have contact with them and have no idea whether it is still on”.

Since December’s revolution, which witnessed a long sit-by in front of military headquarters in Khartoum, the army tends to block roads leading to its headquarters without explaining the reasons, but it often coincides with the spread of information about organizing protests in central Khartoum. The restrictions, imposed by the army, causes traffic congestion, forcing citizens to walk for long distances.

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