Sudan seizes agricultural project owned earlier by Osama bin Laden

Assets seized include Petronas’ tower, farms and factories of ex-regime leaders
A bank account of ousted president al-Bashir involved in currency exchange black market

Altaghyeer, Khartoum
Sudanese authorities have seized assets of prominent businessman and ex-regime officials, including an agricultural project, owned earlier by founder of al Qaeda, Osama bin Laden, the committee of dismantling the 30 June regime announced yesterday in a press conference in Khartoum.
A 459-acre agricultural project in Aljazeera state, south of the capital, was part of al Qaeda leader’s investments during his days in Sudan before forced to leave the country to Afghanistan in 1996, and his absence the project was seized by a leading figure in the ex-regime, revealed Salah Manna’, a member of the committee.
The committee of dismantling the 30 June regime was formed in 2019 to dismantle institutions linked to the former regime and retrieve assets owned by illegal means.
A tower of Malaysian’s oil giant, Petronas, in Khartoum was also seized. “During Bashir regime, a ​​29,000 square meters plot that was premises of a high school, was fraudulently sold by the former governor of Khartoum to Petronas to build a tower. We refunded 4.499 million shares of Petronas for the benefit of the Government of Sudan,” Manna’ said.

Assets owned by prominent businessman, Fadul Mohamed Kheir, ex-chairman of Bank of Khartoum, one of the largest financial institutions in Sudan, were also seized and a settlement reached during Bashir’s tenure with the Kheir over corruption cases was nullified.
The committee has revealed that a bank account, managed by ousted president Omar al-Bashir and senior officials of the central bank, was utilized for illegal transactions as it was active in currency exchange black market from 2013 to 2017.
Thousands of acres of agricultural projects, residential, factories, and shares in companies were retrieved. Agricultural projects belonging to Abdel Rahim Mohammed Hussein, a close friend and aide of al-Bashir, who held senior positions during the ex-regime were seized. Other leading figures, who were subject to retrieval of assets, included ex-minister and businesswoman Widad Yagoub, ex-governor of Kassla Adam Jama’a, ex- Industry minister, Semeeh, as well as sons and daughters of Bashir’s aides.
“Supporters of the ex-regime use to register assets in names of their sons and daughters,” said member of the committee, Wajdi Saleh.
The committee has also announced termination of many government’s employees who were appointed by the ex-regime on political bases and against civil service’s rules and regulations.

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