Today’s Newspapers Sunday, December 13, 2020

1- Al Jareeda, Issue No. 3330_Sun, Dec. 13 2020


– Parties to JPA given 24 hours to evacuate Hotels.

– Complaints to the EEA-C&FR Committee Concerning Land Allocated to Khartoum State’s MoF Staff/Workers

– Pompeo Signs Sudan’s De-listing as a State Sponsor of Terrorism:

In its main headline AL-Jareeda reports news about the Peace Commission (PC) giving parties to Juba Peace Agreement 24-hour notice to evacuate all hotels, that evacuation letters have been delivered to heads of organizations staying at hotels around the capital and that the PC also handed over to the parties settlement contracts offering hotel guests money for evacuation, while keeping heads of movements and senior negotiators staying at Hotel Iwaa and the Grand Hotel to ensure their protection.

AL-Jareeda also reports Pompeo, U.S. Secretary of State’s, signing on the removal of Sudan from the terrorism list, following the expiry of a 45-day deadline allowing Congress to review President Trump’s decision signed on October 26.

2- Al Sudani, Issue No. 5186_Sun, December 13, 2020


– Accusations of Sudan Plotting against Ethiopia, Hamduk Heads to Addis Ababa Today

– New Details on Sudanese Diplomats Seeking Asylum in London

– Extermination of 10 million Narcotic Pills Seized at Medani Inland Port

– Khartoum Airport Authorities Accuse Ethiopian Airlines Workers of Stealing Passengers’ Luggage

– 230,000 Armed Forces Personnel and Veterans Receives Micro-Finance

– Freedom and Change: SPA Left Alliance, Have No right to Interfere in Our Choices

– Medical Registrars Hold Minister of Health Accountable Hospitals Deteriorating Conditions

– Khartoum State’s Governor Relieves Director General of Land Department

Al-Sudani’s front-page headline reports news of Ethiopia stepping up hostile rhetoric towards Sudan, accusing Sudan of plotting against Ethiopia, following accusations by the State of Emergency Investigation Board (SEIB) to Sudanese security personnel of carrying out attacks on Ethiopian civilians, incited by TPLF members.

SEIB accused Sudanese security personnel of perpetrating attacks on civilians after receiving bribes from members of the Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF). The accusations came at a press briefing by the chairperson of the Inquiry Board, Lemma Tessema, that the Board received reports from refugees returning from Sudan that the TPLF forces are bribing some Sudanese forces to plot and instigate assaults against civilians.

She also mentioned that the Transitional Government’s PM, Dr. Abdullah Hamduk, will arrive today in Addis Ababa to discuss, among other issues of common concern, bilateral and regional issues, notably the Renaissance Dam, conflict in the Tigray region and the Red Sea security.

Following up on an earlier story, the newspaper reported new developments on the case of two Sudanese diplomats who had sought asylum in UK, saying that they are currently suffer dire conditions in London following their being ousted by EEA-C Committee; and that their children’s education in schools and universities in London, added to circumstances related to UK’s lockdown necessitate their presence in London. The government, however, withdrew their diplomatic passports and has yet to settle their recompenses after sacking, which led to the deterioration of their situation and rendered them down-and-out in London.

The Newspaper also reported the extermination of 10 million narcotic pills, equivalent to four tons of Tramadol, by the Customs Police at Saria Industrial Smelter south of Khartoum. These have been seized last year at the inland port of Madani in Al-Gezira State; in addition to the extermination of 30 kilos of the same substance, seized in a hibiscus shipment in Soba area. Pills exterminated were estimated by 10 million.

Another news form Al-Sudani reports that authorities at Khartoum airport accuses Ethiopian Airlines workers of stealing passengers’ luggage, according to the Director of Customs Police at Khartoum Airport, Brigadier General AlFatih Hassan Dahab, following repeated complaints received from passengers about loss of luggage. Careful follow-up and monitoring of identified three operating companies, he said, adding that a fact-finding committee was formed immediately from different competent authorities to discover that the theft took place in the Ethiopian Airlines who admitted the allegations through an official letter.

In another story, Jaafar Hassan, a leader of the Central Committee of Forces of Freedom and Change (FFC), told the newspaper that since the Sudanese Professionals Association (SPA) abandonment of the Alliance as announced in an official statement, they have nothing to do with the work of the alliance and have no right to interfere in FFC’s policies and choices.

Al-Sudani also reported news that medical registrars hold Minister of Health accountable for the dire conditions hospitals suffer, quoting statements issued by member of the Initiative, Dr. Omar Dafa-Allah, who said that certain overloaded hospitals have been working under great pressure, and thus affected significantly; threatening not to lift the strike unless the ministry responds to their demands.

3- Al-Mawakib, Issue No. 162_Sunday, December 13, 2020


– Minister of Energy: MoE has Nothing to Do with Fuel Prices Increase

– Crowds in Kassala Defy Warnings, Beytai Threatens to Call for a Sit-In

– Revolutionary Front Denies Identification of RF Reps for the Cabinet and Councils of Sovereignty and

– EEA-CFRC Relieves White Nile State’s Subcommittee Adviser

– Nomad Villages Co-ordination Body Calls Upon Government to Provide Protection in Darfur

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