Newspaper headlines brief, Wednesday ,December 16


Interview: Governor of Gezira Agricultural Project reveals $500,000 plan to reform the irrigation system of GAP which he labels as utterly destroyed.

As dire need increases due to labor shortage, health emergency committee atGedarif State approves permissions to 100k Ethiopian workers for the upcoming harvest season, particularly corn crops.



Front page heading reports conflict in the NasiriParty in light of dismissal of the parti’s political secretary Sati’ Alhaj by Dr. Jamal Idris, leader of the party; while Alhaj refuses to leave the party.

Organization of December Martyrs raise slogans calling for the Third government overthrow, labelling the Transitional government as treacherous to the revolutionaries,pledging to mobilize people for the third time on the upcoming anniversary of December Revolution.

The newspaper quotes statements by the Chairperson of the Ending Impunity Organization – EIO,Mr. BarcaiAbdel-Krim: “We expect names of top brass Bashir’s regime to surface in Kushayb’s ICC trial.”


Al-Intibaha reports finance ministerDr. Hiba Mohamed statementson US commitment to provide over a billion dollars in assistance,while anticipating 1.5 billion annually from the IDA. Also says expected to meet a delegation comprising CEOs of 10 biggest global agricultural companies to discuss investment opportunities in Sudan.


AlsudaniAldawliyya reports on a smuggling operation of two ISIS agents by supporters of Bashir’s regimebusted by police. Source confirms agents entered Sudan using fake passports.

Al-Mawakib headlines the Sudanese Communist Party (SCP) attacking the Transitional government, calling people to revolt in the upcoming anniversary of the December revolution. Interviewed bythe newspaper, SCP’s Secretary General, M. Mukhtar Alkhateeb states post-revolution stipulations are against the people’s will, rejecting what he calls the ‘soft landing’ the current situation is leading to. “This has to be stopped. Stolen revolution must be retrieved”.

In another news, the newspaper reports prominent figuresof the Center Track of the Sudanese Revolutionary Front stating considering a motion withdrawing trust from there, leader Mr. Tom Haju;say they have been suffering continuous negligence from their leadership following the signing of the Peace Agreement with the Transitional government in juba.

Al-Sudani:Jibreel and Tom Haju refuse Hamdok’s nomination as Deputy Chairman -Council of Transitional Partners

CTP Chairperson, Lt. Gen. Burhan, of FFC’s leadership, and the Sudanese Revolutionary Front, held a meeting last Sunday where crisis in regard to the Council Transitional Partners were discussed.  Both the leader of the Justice and Equality Movement – JEM, Dr. Jibreel Ibrahim and Mr. Tom Hago, representative of the Center Track at SFR refused approve nomination of PM Hamdok as deputy vice president to the Council. According to informed sources, the meeting was adjourned this issue to another meeting to be scheduled shortly in light of FFC’s insistence to nominate Hamdok, rejecting attempts of exclusion. The meeting conceded the Council.’s powers.


Burhan’s Media secretary warns against what he calls ‘agitation of the military leadership’

General Abu Haja, Media Advisor to the Army’s C-in-C, warned against provocations to the military top brass, as well as armed forces personnel by deliberately undermining the military component’s effort and the role of the Chairman of the Sovereignty Council in removing Sudan from the SST list. He described recent media campaigns against the establishment of Military Industry, MIC, as ‘systematic psychological war’ aimed at misleading file and ranks of the Sudanese people. The Army General also described as delusional those who believe slogans of freedom, peace and justice achievable through incite of suspicion on the army, while emphasizing that (genuine) democratic transition needs robust military institution and an army ready with utmost military capabilities embraced in the first place by citizens.








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