MMR:Thursday 17/12/2020 Headlines and News Brief

– Minister of Education Calls for Revocation of School Closure
– Cross-Border Ethiopian Attack Ambushes SAF, Widely Condemned
– US Treasurer Soon in Khartoum
– Trial of Former VP Kibir: Important Documents Disappear
– TPC’s First Meeting Approves Powers, Appoints Spokesperson
– Plan to Resume Study at Universities Via E-Learning
– 4 Armed Forces Personnel Killed, 12 Injured in Cross-Border Skirmishes with Ethiopian
– National Medical Supplies Fund: Committed to Provide Oxygen Cylinders in All Healthcare
– Doctors Trade Union: Public Hospitals Lack Funding
– Teachers Committee Warns against Appointments based on Quotas/Appeasement
– 218 New Cases of Coronavirus
News Brief:
 Presided by Dr. Hamdok, the Cabinet’s latest meeting held yesterday was briefed by
Professor EL-Tom, the Minster of Education; who called for reviewing/revoking decision on
school’s closure, citing it as “dangerous and likely to encourage dropouts among students.”
MoE Minister called for conforming to the Ministry’s plans set prior to resumption of study,
stressing dire need for protective precautions and consideration of restrictive arrangements
in reopening.
 In a statement received by Al-Sudani, the Sudanese Armed Forces said cross-border attack
took place Wednesday by Ethiopian forces/militias. Sudanese troops were ambushed while
returning from a sweep around Mount Abu-Tyor area, leaving casualties among Sudanese
them. Vowing to defend land and people, SAF said redeployed troops, pledging readiness to
deal with any hostilities. The statement confirmed Army’s continued monitoring of events
ongoing in Ethiopia, ensuing influx of refugees and the current state of cross-border
insecurity resulting from recent conflict in the neighbouring country.
 Bloomberg news agency said US secretary of treasury, Steven Mnuchin, intends to visit
Sudan shortly following recent removal of the country from US list of state sponsors of
terror. In this respect, the Ministry of Finance and Economic Planning (MoFEP) declared in a
statement Tuesday US pledge of $1 billion assistance to Sudan, unveiling that preparations
are underway to recently receive a delegation comprising CEOs of 10 major US agricultural
companies. The secretary of treasury pledged coordination in the upcoming year with both

GOP and Democrats in Congress to partially relieve Sudan’s outstanding debt in
international financial institutions.
 Due to a sudden disappearance of an important prosecution folder, the Land Violations
Court adjourned its latest trial hearing of M. Osman Kibir, the former vice president, The
disappeared folder include 11 crucially significant envelopes, containing supportive
documents presented formerly by auditors.


Presided by the Chairman of the Sovereignty Council and attended by the Prime Minister and
representatives of the political consensus, the Council of Transition Partners (CTP) approved in its
first meeting convened Wednesday the Council’s regulatory charter, deeming it as complementary
to the Constitutional decree. The approved regulations defined the charter’s nature, identified
powers in support to transitional institutions serving Sudan’s utmost interests, mobilization of funds
necessary to render successful transition as well as coordination of relations among different
partners. The meeting also approved Ms. Meriam El-Sadiq as spokesperson
Front page heading reports the 4 army officer, 12 troops killed in ambush set by Ethiopian militia
supported by the special forces of the Amhara region. SAF ambushed troops were on their way back
following cross border sweep operation. The newspaper also reports the CTP’s conflict has come to a
settlement after a meeting was convened yesterday presided by Lt. Gen Burhan and attended by the
Prime Minister where the Council’s regulations were discussed and approved. Other news reports
interview with Dr. Sidgi Kaballu, member of the SCP’s central committee and prominent economic
expert, who accuses some Forces of Freedom and Change parties he does not name of conducting
negotiations abroad with remnants of the toppled regime. Dr. Kaballu stressed that the anticipated
anniversary of the December revolution is to reiterate completion of the revolution’s tasks and
missions rather than celebration, that the transitional government must go should this objective fail.

Aljareeda also reports the CTP regulations. Other news reports interview with Ibrahim El-Amin,
prominent leader leader Umma National Party (UNP) who sheds the light on the relationship
between Lt., Gen Burhan and the PM Hamdok, citing it as amicable despite surfacing wrangles.
Al-Mawakib headline highlights the Sudanese Communist Party’s accusations to the FFC saying that
they are conspiring with foreign forces against the glorious revolution. Other news reports the
Ethiopian ambush that resulted in the death of 4 military individuals and other casualties across the
Sudanese-Ethiopian borders.
Al-Intibaha reports passengers of four flights skipping
COVID-19 testing procedures at Khartoum airport. This took place during the strike of the staff
responsible for quarantine procedures at the airport. It also reports disappearance of indictment

documents concerning the trial of Mr. Mohamed Osman Kibir, former vice president of the ousted
president Bashir.

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