Media Monitoring Report_Sunday 20 Dec 2020

Altaghyeer Media Monitoring Report_Sunday 20 Dec 2020-



Thousands Took to Streets in Commemoration of Revolution’s 2nd Anniversary, Attempted Sit-in around Republican Palace/House of Parliament Failed

  • SRF Calls for Holding Tight onto Transitional Gov. 
  • Human Trafficking Network Busted, 18 Girls Freed
  • Hamdok Arrives in Djibouti, Presides on Extraordinary IGAD Summit 
  • Slain Teacher Family Insists on ‘Qissass’ Retribution 
  • Covid-19 Updates: 356 Infected, 17 Died



  • December’s Anniversary, Mass Processions Call for “Track” be Rectified
  • Tear Gas Fired Breaking up Revolutionaries’ Sit-in in Khartoum, Omdurman
  • Army Recaptures Two Positions from Ethiopian Militias, al-Burhan Returns to Khartoum
  • Revolutionary Front: Revolution’s Achievements  Lagging Behind Ambitions
  • Ethiopian Refugees Influx Increases



  • Thousands Demonstrate in Revolution’s Anniversary, Attempted Sit-in Foiled by Police
  • Fierce Fighting to Free Territories from Ethiopian Grip
  • al-Burhan: SAF Will Protect Revolution .. Hamdok: Vowing to Meet Revolution’s Demands
  • Thousands Demonstrate in Khartoum, States in Revolution’s Anniversary
  • Army: Fierce Clashes with Ethiopian Militias, Controls Mount Um-Toyor
  • al-Burhan Congratulates on 2nd Anniversary, Confirms Revolution’s Protection
  • Hamdok: People’s Livelihood Top Priority

News Brief:

In its frontpage heading, Alsudani Aldawliyya reports the ‘peaceful’ demonstrations marking December revolution’s second anniversary; describing protesters’ ability to mobilize only 8 meters away from the republican palace as ‘unprecedented’ in recent Sudanese history, in reference to authorities’ refrain to resort to violence to suppress demonstrators. While the PM Hamdok is off to Djibouti to attend/preside over IGAD’s summit scheduled to be held today to discuss hot regional issues, including the second pandemic wave.

Al-Jareeda reports on Communist Party’s accusations to what the party called ‘toppled regime and soft landing supporters,’ claiming they had the party’s banner burned during procession. Al-Jareeda also reports on protestors’ getting to the republican palace with slogans/chants ranging between supporting the PM and overthrowing him.

Al-Intibaha tells the other side of the story, reporting use of teargas around the republican palace when protesters, barricading streets, started to burn car tires.

Have Your Say: 

Statements from Al-Hadatha by prominent political/partisan figures, commenting on the  the advent of the Revolution’s 2nd Anniversary:

Two years after, the revolution is still labouring; hardships are beyond imagination. Albeit direly needed, unrealistic ambitions represent great challenge.
Nureddine Babiker, Spokesperson – Sudanese congress party 

The revolution did not deviate from its course. Real deviation, however, is entrenched in disruption of institutional structures as well as denial of genuine polities. Yet, our current representations are admittedly represent the closest values of the revolution’s democratic endeavors as represented in transparency and the efficiency required to lead through this delicate stage in history.
M.Faruq, Leader – Forces of Freedom and Change

Shortcomings acknowledged, hope never lost: government structures not completed; Legislative Council not yet constituted; and the path to peace with rebel movements in Darfur, South Kordofan and the Blue Nile still slow. Even so, things are being forged ahead. And with sanctions on Sudan ending, economy is bound to advance.
Ahmed Hadra, Leader – Forces of Freedom and Change

More than a year after the partnership government, remarkable progress seen in some files. Most prominent political breakthrough was Sudan’s removal from the blacklist of terrorism, which bolsters our return to the international community.
El-Faky, Member – Sovereignty Council


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